All Natural & Non-GMO Milk and Cheese

Non-GMO All Natural Whole Milk

Everyone loves whole milk! It’s perfect in a cup of coffee or in a tall glass with a bunch of cookies. Our whole milk averages from 3.7-4.2% fat which naturally fluctuates with the season.

Non-GMO Fat Free

Fat free or “skim” milk does not have any fat. It’s the right choice if you’re trying to watch your weight.

Non-GMO All Natural Half and Half

Our half & half is hard to keep on the shelf! It’s the go-to for many coffee shops in the Minneapolis area for their lattes or fancy drinks. Because we do not homogenize, the froth will stay much longer than other milks!

Cheeses will be posted soon….

Non-GMO All Natural Reduced Fat Milk

Reduced fat has about half the fat of whole milk. It’s great for breakfast poured over a bowl of cereal. Our reduced fat milk has 2% fat.

Non-GMO Chocolate Milk

Our chocolate milk is an award winner and a best seller! We use only the highest quality ingredients. Our cocoa is imported all the way from Switzerland!

Non-GMO All Natural Mocha Milk

Our mocha milk is dreamy! It has just the right amount of coffee and chocolate! Our customers tell us it’s the best thing on a hot summer day poured over ice!

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