Not All Milk is Created Equal

Crystal Ball Whole Milk 1/2 gallon

Our Milk...

All of our milk and milk products are Non-GMO and All-Natural. When the DeRosier’s first started Crystal Ball Farms, everything was organic. Early in 2018, the farm had a tragic fire that destroyed the cow barn and the milking parlor. Thankfully, most of the cows were fine. With no barns, the cows left the farm and consequently, Crystal Ball Farms also lost the organic certification. Today, Crystal Ball Farms is a farmstead dairy specializing in All-Natural Non-GMO products and in practice we are as close to “organic,” as possible. We have received a very warm welcome back from our customers!

Our Milk is 100 Percent Farmstead- We do not commingle our milk with any other farm, and we process all of our milk into glass bottles right on the farm in the creamery. Not commingling our milk means we have complete control over the final product—ensuring our customers get premium milk products! We grow all the food, care the cows, and bottle the milk or make the cheese all in one very special place. 

We only breed for A2 Proteins Cow Proteins and Dairy Allergies- Proteins found in cows’ milk are known as A1 and A2. A2 proteins are proven to be less likely to cause allergies or lactose intolerance. The name Crystal Ball Farms explains our strategy of looking at the future of milk and the dairy industry. Armed with this information, we have been breeding for A2 proteins for over 14 years—one of the first in Wisconsin. Many customers tell us they can only drink our milk.

Non-Homogenized– We like to keep our milk as natural and minimally processed as possible. Our cream line milk is not homogenized.Milk that is homogenized, the fat has been altered in way that breaks down the fat globules naturally found in milk into very microscopic particles. This process became popular in the 1950s because the milk does not separate. The fat stays suspended throughout the milk. In cream line milks, the cream rises to the top. The cream can easily be shaken and redistributed throughout the milk. Many customers like the cream to rise to the top and use it for their morning coffee.

We Vat Pasteurize Our Milk- Most milks found in grocery stores today are pasteurized at a high temperature for a short period of time (HTST) or Ultrapasteurizion (UHT), which can destroy many enzymes and good bacteria naturally found in milk. Our milk tastes like it should. In vat pasteurization, the milk is brought to a lower temperature and held for 30 minutes to ensure any harmful pathogens are eliminated, but still preserves the integrity of the milk, which results in a top-quality milk that our customers can taste.

Glass Bottles – Glass bottles are used for the best products. Have you every seen wine in a plastic bottle? No, that’s because no one wants there wine to taste like plastic and neither should your milk. Plastic is a major problem across the United States. We have always bottled our milk in glass bottles. Recent studies have suggested, some plastic containers can leach chemicals into food causing brain damage, immune deficiencies, behavioral issues, and more. We’re not willing to take those risks! All of our glass bottles can be returned, and the bottle deposit refunded.

All of our milk products are available in half gallon sizes. The chocolate and mocha milks are also available in quart size

Person standing next to a cow

“Crystal Ball Farms milk is the only milk I can drink!”

-Christina DeLong